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GreenLife Community

Renewable Energy Co-operative

Investing in Ontario's Future

GreenLife Co-operative - About

The earth receives more energy from the sun in just one hour than the world uses in a whole year, free of charge. Our solar parks harness this energy and convert it to electricity to power up to 2,000 homes. This will help power Ontario and reduce the fossil fuel emissions that cause climate change.


GreenLife Co-operative is a renewable energy co-op that participates in solar parks that generate energy and sell it to the Ontario electricity grid under Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff program. This provides a green and renewable source of energy for all of us.

Purpose 01
Create Green Jobs
Purpose 02
Generate Sustainable
Purpose 03
Clean Air for Ontario
Purpose 04
Produce Renewable Energy
Purpose 05
Support Local Industry
Purpose 06
Combat Climate Change
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